1993: Harrison Sea Clocks at Greenwich

1993:  Harrison Sea Clocks at Greenwich

John Harrison’s sea clock H1 at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

The animation was displayed alongside the clock; the purpose being to deepen and enhance the visitor’s experience by providing a greater understanding of the famous timepiece. The key features of the clock, such as the opposing balances and the anti-friction bearings which required no oil, were highlighted and explained.


H1 Ahoy!

This ‘riding the waves’ clip from the original video shows how the opposing balances kept regular beats in spite of the ship’s movement.

“…I liked the way the rocking, interconnected components kept their steady beat, even as the cartoon clock tilted to climb up and then slide down the shaded waves. A visual synecdoche, this clock came to life not only as the true time but also as a ship at sea, sailing mile after nautical mile over the bounding time zones.”  Dava Sobel, Longitude

H3, which sat next to H1 also had a dedicated screen showing a video about the temperature compensation.