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Further information

Since John’s death, the business REDFERN ANIMATION no longer exists as a going concern; any technical queries or requests for further information should be addressed in the first instance to the appropriate organization.

Any other enquiries should be emailed to:

Or sent by post to:
Redfern Animation, c/o Charles Frodsham & Co., 32 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AU, UK.

A Word about Copyright
Although John reserved the right to show examples of his work for demonstration or promotional purposes, many of these animations were not originally intended for public view; some were designed to illustrate lectures and therefore have no explanatory audio track.

A number of these animations are drawn from John’s file copies and may not be identical in all respects to the versions held by the commissioning party.

We are grateful to the many owners who have kindly agreed for their animations to be shown here.

We have been unable to trace the commissioners of certain animations and we would be happy to rectify this if they would kindly get in touch; equally, we would like to hear from anyone who has a Redfern animation and would like to have it included on this site.

John placed on record his thanks to all those who gave him encouragement and support over the years, including:


  • William Andrewes
  • Alan Banbery
  • Jonathan Betts
  • Andrew Crisford
  • Andrew King
  • Anthony Randall
  • Arnaud Tellier
  • Timothy Treffry
  • Philip Whyte


  • Dave Baker
  • Jan Battem
  • James Biggs – Mark Roberts MC
  • Drummond Hislop
  • Manolis Korres – Athens
  • Jeff Lawrence – Ronford Baker
  • Alan Piper – Red Digital Cinema
  • Frank Placido
  • Joep van der Steen
  • Jeff Whitecross

In addition to those mentioned above, his friends and family would further like to thank those who have so generously given their time and help in developing this website, including:
William Andrewes, Jonathan Betts, Dave Baker, Jan Battem, Dr David Bisno, Tania Edwards, Mostyn Gale, Bryan Mumford, Dava Sobel and Philip Whyte.

I would particularly like to thank Martin Conradi and Jan Battem for creating this website, and Philip Whyte of Charles Frodsham & Co. for hosting it. Without Martin’s tireless energy and enthusiasm John's legacy would have faded and much would have been lost; Jan put everything together beautifully, staying true to John’s design ideas; and Philip has been a good friend, adviser and a horological rock throughout.

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