Patek Philippe — Caliber 215 Manual Watch

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 and is one of the oldest makers of luxury timepieces in the world. It is noted for designing and manufacturing some of the most complicated mechanical watches ever produced.

The Patek Philippe Museum opened in 2001; it contains some of the finest clocks, watches and automata known – not just of their own manufacture, but major historic pieces too. John Redfern was commissioned by the museum’s legendary curator Alan Banbery to produce animations of some of the very best of these. Visitors to the museum were able to see John Redfern’s animations alongside the watches themselves – a first for any museum.

The videos can be purchased on DVD from the museum.

The Caliber 215 in one of a long line of hand-wound premium mechanical watch movements. This video shows different aspects of this well-known model.

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Patek Philippe Caliber 215 Manual Winding Watch Movement ©Patek Philippe Museum

John was an exceptional and talented craftsman… [This was] the first time that non-watchmakers could appreciate the marvel of a Patek movement.

Alan Banbery, as quoted in Collectability
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